👋🏻 Hi, welcome on my website!

I'm currently working at gageure, a company I founded after working for 3 years at Clic2000, the co-op we've had with my friend Myrdin.

I have a strong interest in ethic and pragmatic technology. If it isn't working seamlessly for the end users, then we failed. I love writing and maintaining documentation databases. I use macOS on my workstations but my favorite operating systems are FreeBSD & Alpine Linux. Still, many of my servers are running Debian.

I enjoy walking outside, sometimes roller-skating, riding a (mountain-)bike or Muay Thai boxing. But you'll usually find me cooking food, hugging my partner or being angry at some stuff I have no control at. While of course listening to some good music.

For professional inquiries please see gageure's contact page, otherwise send an e-mail to: